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'We know you’d prefer a blemish-free face, but if you’re got a bout of the breakouts you want to cover up, you need to be careful. The wrong makeup can actually draw more attention to your acne instead of hide it. Take you skin type into account when selecting the perfect products for your face. Here's a few things to consider when trying to cover up your acne scars.

woman using cleanser on her faceMineral makeup

Mineral makeup is a combo of fine powder and natural inorganic colourings that avoids the caked-on look of chemical-based makeup.

The result is a more natural, even-looking complexion, even on acne-ridden skin. The bonus is that mineral makeup does not block pores or contain oils and allows the skin to breathe, says Enhance Clinic, making it suitable for oily, combo and dry or sensitive skin. Since this makeup is also inorganic, bacteria and microbes can't invade the skin.

Camouflage makeup

Camouflage makeup is like the cosmetics used in theatre performances and on TV, except more natural-looking. It can cover up everything from acne to dark circles and sun spots. This makeup make be irritating to sensitive or dry skin, however.

Karen Playel, makeup artist and the Australian distributor of the camouflage make up, ERA Face, says on Younger You to use a primer or moisturiser before applying camouflage makeup and give it time to soak in.

You'll also want to choose a fine-textured makeup that matches your skin tone to ease the application technique. Water and wear-resistant will work best. Since this makeup requires more blending, you may need to practice smoothing it on before you get it just right.

Foundation and concealer

Those wanting light products to reduce redness and even out tone can opt for makeup with powder finishes or mousse foundations. Liquid foundations are better at covering up blemishes and pimple scars, but are heavy on the skin, so oily types may want to avoid them. Instead, oily skin may react best to loose or pressed powders which cut down on shine and create a smoother skin texture.

If your acne is angry rid, opt for a green-tinted concealer. Green complements red on the colour wheel and can reduce its brightness. You can apply it liberally before additional concealer or foundation.

When trying to match skin tone, those with oily skin should check their makeup colour after wearing it for about an hour, as sebum can cause cosmetics to look darker than they appeared.

Natural skin care for acne

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