Skin care during pregnancy
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During pregnancy, every woman wants to keep, and maintain, that beautiful, healthy pregnant glow. But sometimes that glow can become a mask, an acne breakout, or any other common skin problem that many women find themselves facing.

Get that perfect pregnant glow

Here are three solutions to some of the most common skin problems experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy mask

A pregnancy mask, referred to as chloasma or melasma, is a skin pigmentation condition where the skin, usually on the face, develops dark patches. This is caused by increased melanin in the body as a result of higher levels of estrogen and progesterone.

The best solution for preventing and treating pregnancy mask is to use a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF15 and, ideally, SPF30 protection. Limiting your exposure to the harsh effects of the sun can significantly reduce the appearance of darkening skin spots.

For those women who have already developed dark skin patches, they can use a skin brightening product, such as Garnier’s Dark Spot Corrector.


When that pregnancy glow turns into pregnancy shine, it can very quickly develop into pregnancy acne. The increase in hormones your body produces during pregnancy often results in your oil glands secreting more oil, which leads to breakouts.

There are two solutions for treating pregnancy-related acne. Firstly, women should stick to a regular self-care routine. This involves cleansing twice daily, toning and moisturising using mild products. Choose oil-free skincare and make-up products, such as Garnier’s range of oil-free products.

The second solution to pregnancy acne issues is medication. According to the Mayo Clinic’s Dr Lawrence E Gibson, the drug of choice for pregnant women wanting to treat acne is erythromycin or azelaic acid. These tend to come in gel or lotion form and are applied topically to the skin. Dr Gibson recommends pregnant women exercise caution when buying acne products, even over-the-counter products, as they can contain chemicals that can be harmful to an unborn baby.

Spider veins

Spider veins are those tiny little blood vessels that sit just under the skin and branch out like a web. They occur due to the increase in blood circulating around the body. Considering a pregnant woman has up to 50 per cent more blood circulating through her body, it is no surprise that this is a common skin problem during pregnancy. Spider veins most commonly appear on the face, neck, chest and arms.

The best solution for treating spider veins is to increase your intake of vitamin C. The body uses vitamin C to produce elastin and collagen, two important requirements for the body to be able to prevent or repair spider veins. Another solution is to maintain a healthy diet which is high in fibre. Regular exercise is another way to help prevent the occurrence of spider veins.

All pregnant women want to experience the joy of pregnancy when they feel fit, healthy, vibrant and alive. No matter what symptoms you may experience during your pregnancy, rest assured that there is a solution available to virtually any type of pregnancy-related skin problem.

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