Dressing up Your Windows With Curtains

Curtains are always part of our homes. Where is the beauty of a window if not without a curtain? The world of curtains is a limitless space because you can never count curtains according to their styles, designs, materials, type of fabrics and all other makeup of curtains that are endless. According to the experts in curtains, people can use curtains in more than four hundred or more styles. You can use them on the door of the balcony, on the windows facing the bay, on your window that is facing the sunrise and so on. Actually the art of making curtains for windows to have their highest appeal always depend on the versatility of the curtains. If the windows do not coordinate well with the exquisiteness of the curtains, then the beauty of the curtains is lost.

There are many types of windows because there are many kinds of windows. Depending on the position of the windows and how they are being utilized comes how the curtains should be created. For example, bay windows are located facing the area where the sea and the sun meet. Since the sun can show its rays in the morning and the rays penetrate the room through the bay window, curtains should be transparent enough to accept the sunlight. Since we also want fresh air to come in, the thin curtains that can be decorated with exquisitely and bright-colored designs can freely accept the breeze, and these make the curtain responsible in accepting not only the sunlight but also the breeze. So the idea here on why we put thin curtains is because we want to have the gifts from nature and also to enjoy the scenery even when the windows are closed.

On the other hand, kitchen windows are the type of windows in our homes that almost stay open because we do not want smoke from what we cook to stay inside our home and also to let out the smoke from our stove. Now, since these windows usually stay open, the curtains should not be as flimsy and transparent as the curtains found on bay windows. Probably now you are getting what this message means. To elaborately explain it further, curtains are there for many reasons. First, they give the artistic appearance and enhance the beauty of a room. Second, they are there to keep the windows alive and make them not too bare and third, to serve their purpose in coordination with the purpose of windows such as what has been explained above.

There are many different types of curtains for windows, and the latest of these are made of vinyl and polyester. These curtains do not need forceful washing as cotton or fabric curtains. Their surfaces are smooth and glossy so it is unlikely that they can get dirty that easy. If you want to accentuate the appeal of your windows, better use curtains with fabrics that can also accentuate the overall features of your windows. Some people use short and transparent curtains if their windows are located on the living room so that they can enjoy the view of the outdoors while room windows can have curtains that could be longer, thicker, heavier and non-transparent to give the room more privacy and sense of security, especially during the evening.

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