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We all know the Australian sun is blazing. We can wear sun cream to keep the sun’s harmful rays from our skin, but keeping away sweat proves a separate problem. As the height of summer nears, find out how you can stay cool, dray and confident in the heat.

1Switch from spray to roll-on

Spray antiperspirants may be all the rage, but are they really attacking odour and wetness? Every woman is different, and a spray-on may work fine for your girlfriend, but not for you. While there are heaps downsides to the roll-on kind--leaves you a bit wet and may get white marks on your clothes, the consensus among Aussie women posting on a Sydney Morning Herald story on sweat say roll-ons save the day.

The ones with aluminium chloride may work better, says Better Health Channel of Victoria, but run a greater risk of leaving white marks.

2Visit the clinic

Is your sweat a bigger problem than you can handle? A condition called hyperhidrosis can affect the hands, forehead, underarms or feet, making you sweat even when it's cold. Doctors think the brain overstimulates the sweat glands in this condition, which tends to be hereditary [thanks, mum!]. About 1 in 20 people have hyperhidrosis and most probably developed it in the teen or early adult years. Treatments for the issue involve wrinkle injections and muscle relaxers. Discuss with your doctor if you may qualify for any of these remedies.

3Skip the latte

Caffeine and hot drinks can set the sweat rolling down your neck. Spicy foods have the same effect. When you know you're going to consume these items, plop yourself in an air-conditioned spot or switch on the fan. The air will help lessen the effects while your body prickles to perspire.

The other alternative is to switch to iced coffee and only eat food when it's lukewarm, not piping hot. So much for soup!

4Dress loosely

We don't mean like a trollop. Simply, don breathable clothing, preferably ones made of cotton, to control sweat and its embarrassing stains. While black clothing attracts the sun, it also doesn't show sweat marks as much as pale or pastel colours. When working out, try exercise outfits designed to wick away sweat so you aren't drenched through.

In addition, DermNet NZ recommends changing your socks several times a day and using absorbent insoles in shoes. Also avoid wearing the same pair of shoes twice in a row.

5Bathe better

DermNet NZ advises using a non-soap cleanser to bathe and talcum powder or corn starch powder once you're out of the shower. A non-soap cleanser has fewer chemicals to aggravate your skin, so it's gentler and doesn't leave behind as much residue.

Some health experts believe the pH level of non-soap bars may better match your skin's natural level. Talc helps absorb moisture and also can decrease friction. Make sure you completely dry your body before putting on talc or cornstarch, and never put in near your map of Tassie or in your panties.

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