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Many of us have felt the wrath of the nine to five desk job spread, when all that sitting around and snacking starts to hit our thighs and belly... Give your body a shake-up with these quick exercises.

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While you may not feel comfortable enough to start star-jumping in your cubicle or doing sit-ups under your desk, try these office-friendly exercises next time you hit the 4 p.m. slump. Not only will it refresh your mind, but you'll give your body a healthy shake-up too.

  • Always take the stairs instead of the lift. Once your fitness starts to improve, push yourself by taking two steps at a time.
  • Keep an eye on your posture whenever you're working at your desk. Focus on strengthening your core and letting it do all the work, rather than straining your upper back or shoulders.
  • At lunchtime, make an effort to go for a stroll around the block or even fit in a quick workout at a gym nearby.
  • Tacking your exercise sessions on to your work day (either before, during or after) and you'll find that they'll simply become part of your daily routine. It can be hard finding the energy to head out again after a few minutes on the couch at home, but if you already have your gym bag with you, popping into the gym on your way home won't feel nearly as hard.
  • Choose to stand instead of sit, whenever possible. Not only will it give you a chance to stretch your legs, but you'll also look super polite when you offer your chair to others in the meeting room!
  • Instead of emailing or calling your workmates, make the effort to walk to their desk. Just getting out of your chair and taking 10 paces or climbing one flight of stairs will give you an extra boost of energy. It's also a more personal way of communicating with your colleagues and shows respect.
  • If you're treated to an empty office at lunch or if you're lucky enough to have your own office, close the door and do a few quick lunges and stretches to get the blood flowing again.
  • Sitting in your office chair, place one foot flat on the floor and raise the other leg in the air, lifting your thigh off the chair if you can. Hold for a few seconds, then switch legs. Repeat 10 times.
  • Straighten your spine and raise your arms over your head. Reach them high into the air and feel that fantastic stretch. Keeping your arms straight and facing the front, use your right hand to pull your left arm down to your right side, then swap to the other side. It's amazing how much energy a few quick stretches like these can give you!
  • Next time you take a bathroom break, practice your squats and work those thighs. If you increase your water intake and hit the bathrooms more frequently, that can equate to quite a few squats each day!
  • Remember that walking, running or skipping to the vending machine doesn't count... but running down the street to buy an apple does!

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