Get Past That
Weight Loss Plateau!

The dreaded weight loss plateau -- how to get past it and back on track!

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There are few things more frustrating to a dieter than hitting the weight-loss wall: the dreaded plateau where your weight just won't budge for days and weeks! But anyone attempting to shed the pounds has hit a plateau at some point during their diet. It's no excuse to change your healthy eating and exercise habits and head straight to the refrigerator out of frustration. Try some strategies to get your body up and over the plateau, burning more calories and dropping the pounds!

Get real

First, it's time for a reality check! Have you been as virtuous as you say you've been? Start keeping a journal to record the length and frequency of your workouts, and note down every morsel of food that passes your lips! Recording your food and beverage intake will make you think twice before reaching for a snack, and being honest with yourself about everything you eat will help you discover if there's a pattern. It will quickly show you where you've been making poor choices or slacking off on your physical activity.

Calorie confusion

If your body knows that you're giving it 1,800 calories per day, confuse it by dropping 200-300 calories for a few days to jolt it back into the fat-melting business. Eat a high-fibre breakfast to fill yourself up and keep yourself full longer so you can eat less at lunch. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Filling up on low calorie nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables means you'll have volume at meals and won't feel deprived.

Manage hunger pains

Low-fat protein squelches hunger pains by suppressing a hormone secreted by the stomach that stimulates your appetite. Lean turkey is a good choice for protein, but watch the portion size!

Change your workout

Get the body's fat-burning gears revved up and working again by switching your exercise routine. If you run, try cycling. If you swim, give strength-training a try. Take an extra Pilates or step class. Split your workouts. Exercise causes a temporary lift in metabolism, so trick it into going into high gear an extra time by doing part of your workout in the morning and picking up the balance later in the day. You'll fool your body into delivering that higher metabolic burn an additional time.

Wear a pedometer

Put on a pedometer first thing in the morning to remind yourself to move all day! Every 2,000 steps you take burns 100 calories, so pace while you talk on the phone, walk around the yard during television commercials, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. A pedometer makes you aware of just how much you move -- aim for 10,000 steps daily to get off of that plateau!

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