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Are you looking forward to summertime but dreading bikini shopping? Don't worry, you still have time to achieve bikini-body abs in time for summer.

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Start with diet

Amazing abs aren't achieved by just doing crunches. You need to change your eating habits as well. Get rid of refined sugars and flours and start eating more wholegrains. Incorporate more vegetables, lean protein and good fat into your daily diet.

Eat breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you end up eating a much larger meal at the end of the day, consuming high-calorie low-nutrient snacks, or binging late into the night. So start your day off right with a healthy breakfast that incorporates wholegrains, calcium-rich foods and healthy fruits and berries.

Drink more water

Feeling bloated? Start drinking more water. Ditch the soft drinks, sugary juices and alcohol. Water flushes the toxins out of your systems and aids in digestion -- which is important for a tight tummy.

Ab-flattening exercises

We all know that traditional crunches will help flatten and define your abs, but here are a few more exercises that you should add to your fitness program.

Hold it

Get into a push-up position with your back flat and your hands shoulder-width apart. Hold the position for one minute and then repeat 10 times. Work your way up to two-minute holds. This simple exercise is terrific for strengthening your whole core.

Fluttering feet

Lay on your back with your hands at your sides. Sit up just slightly so that your abs are contracted. Lift your legs off the ground as high as you can -- at least six to eight inches. Move your legs up and down, fluttering. Stay in form and keep fluttering as long as you can. At first, you might only be able to do 15 seconds but try to add five additional seconds with each set.

Team up

Find a partner at the gym and team up for an amazing ab workout. Position two incline benches to form an inverted V. Each of you will lay on a bench on your back in a position to do crunches (your head will be much lower than your feet). Start with one person holding a medicine ball. You will both pull up into the crunch and when you get to the top, the person holding the ball will throw it to the other person. Then they will both return to the starting position. Repeat, tossing the ball back and forth as you do your crunches.

Though you can't get tight and toned overnight, you can improve your fitness level and slim your abs in time for summer.

Quick tip

In addition to changing your eating habits and adding ab-busting exercises to your routine, you should also try circuit training or interval training to burn fat, strengthen your core and tone your abs.

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