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Thinking of adding a feisty feline to your family? Cats make wonderful companion pets, and they're hassle-free compared to their canine equivalent! Even so, it pays to remember that a cat is a lifetime commitment - for their lifetime, anyway - so it's important to ask the following questions before inviting little Murray or Jinx into your home.

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Should I get a kitten?

Kittens need more attention and training in the first few months than a full-grown cat — but kittens are super sweet and playful! Which suits your family and your situation better?

Does it matter which breed I get?

There are hundreds of breeds of cats in Australia, from placid, short-haired moggies through to high-maintenance, long-haired pedigrees. The right breed for you will depend on your home and your family situation. Do some solid research before you make any decisions.

Is it best to go with a purebred cat?

It depends on you and your situation. If you opt for a pedigree, make sure you go through a qualified breeder with years of experience; it's important that they understand genetics and carefully choose their breeding stock, as some breeds have inherent problems due to interbreeding.

Will my cat need a lot of attention?

Cats have few basic requirements, and chief among them are food, water, shelter and affection. But while cats are often thought of as low-maintenance companion animals, they still demand some attention and care taking, so you'll certainly need to allocate some time to your pet on a daily basis.

Should I get a male or female cat?

Male whole (unneutered) cats can be more aggressive, but generally in terms of personality, there are few distinct traits that female cats possess that male cats don't, and vice versa.

Is it best to have my cat desexed?

The answer is wholeheartedly YES! Male cats that have not been desexed will often fight for territory if outdoors, and they will spray their strong scent on walls and curtains indoors to mark their territory. Whole females will also spray on occasion, and when they go into 'season', they'll drive you batty with loud, high-pitched yowls!

Will my cat's personality change once it's spayed?

Usually, a cat's personality will stay the same or if anything, improve once they've been desexed. They often become calmer and less aggressive.

What will I do when I go on holidays?

Do you have friend or neighbour who is willing to feed the cat and clean out your kitty litter? Or are you happy to pay for your kitty to be checked in to a boarding kennel while you're on holidays? You need to plan ahead once you have a pet, so if you're a frequent traveller, give consideration to your pet-setting options.

Should I get one cat or two cats?

The idea of two cats might seem a little OTT, but getting a pair actually makes some sense. They keep each other company while you're out so they're never lonely, and you'll be provided with constant companionship.

Where should I get my cat?

According to the University of Queensland's Centre for Companion Animal Health, an estimated 60% of cats that enter Australian shelters every year are euthanised. Whether you want a kitten or an adult cat with an established personality, visit your local animal welfare league or the RSPCA and get to know the cats up for adoption as your first port of call.

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