Don't Bicker Over Finances

It’s right up there with sex as a top issues for many couples -- money, including the lack of it or how it’s spent. If you’ve tackled all your other New Year's resolutions, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with your partner and yourself about your next hurdle of stopping the madness over your finances. Commit to curbing your bickering along with your spending, and you may never spar over money again.

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Write down your specific money issues

Narrowing down the problem will help you tackle it better, says Yahoo! Australia Finance. Your partner spends too much money, but what does he spend it on? Are you upset because he buys new gadgets all the time he never uses? Or is it that he always treats himself to lunch?

Maybe the problems run deeper. Is the gadget issue more about wasteful spending, and is the lunch issue more about the fact that buying them means he has no money to take you our for date night anymore? Looking at the psychological components of your spending habits and why you react the way you do to your partner's can help set your straight.

Know you will have to nag and be nagged

You both have your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to money, so be prepared to be on both the giving and receiving end when it comes to financial temptation, says SavingsGuide. If you love getting take-away flat whites everyday, ask your partner to steer you away from the café or simply say "No" when you ask him to get you one. If he loves dinners out every weekend, entice him with a yummy meal you two can cook together at home paired with a cheap bottle of wine. Nudging each other a little in this way will prevent full-blown arguments over the almighty dollar.

Stick to your budget

Notice this doesn't say "plan a budget." Anyone can do that. It's sticking to it that makes a difference, says Yahoo! Australia Finance. Make it a point to check your spending as often as your check your email -- at least once a day. Just like how pounds can slowly creep on your body, poor financial decisions gradually mount until your bank account readers $0.

Checking your budget so often also helps you do quick damage control if you have messed up. If you gave into that sale you passed on the walk home from work, see where you can deduct from the rest of your purchases or expenses for the month to make up for it.

Let yourself go sometimes

People sometimes lose it when trying everything from cutting out junk food to getting more organized because they don't allow themselves indulge a bit. No one is perfect, and you will not transform your financial portfolio -- or you and your partner's fights about it -- over night. If you stick to your budget for a full month, reward yourself with a small monetary treat. Go to a matinee, buy a coffee or eat out for cheap. Just make sure these allowances aren't huge and that they won't compromise your overall spending plan.

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