Fertility Issues? Boost The Odds Of Conceiving

Enhance your chances to conceive. Habits can hinder your fertility, so clean up your act to get pregnant faster.

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If you're trying to get pregnant, paying attention to some simple things might help you conceive faster. Your habits, diet, and the timing of sex can all make a difference. Check the list to make sure that you're doing your part to enhance your own chances to conceive.

1. Weight control

Research shows that being either underweight or overweight is often a factor in fertility. Aside from the risk that excess body fat poses to your health, it can lead to overproduction of certain hormones that will disrupt ovulation. And women who excercise intensely or are underweight may stop ovulating entirely or do so less frequently.

2. Eating for nutrition

Your odds of conceiving are better if you stay well nourished. Your healthy diet should include enough protein, zinc, iron and Vitamin C. Deficiencies in these particular nutrients are linked to longer menstrual cycles and therefore less frequent ovulation and they present a higher risk of early miscarriage. A diet of protein-rich foods and essential vitamins and minerals will improve your fertility.

3. Track your cycle

Normal menstrual cycles are 25 to 35 days, so if yours is noticably longer, see your doctor. Longer cycles mean infrequent ovulation. Get an ovulation test kit -- it checks hormones in the urine -- or you can chart daily changes in your basal body temperature to learn when you are ovulating.

4. Have frequent sex

Having frequent sex in the few days before you ovulate makes the most of your window of opportunity to conceive. And women who have sex at least once per week are actually more likely to have predictable menstrual cycles and normal ovulation.

5. Don't douche

Douching can wipe out normal protective bacteria in the vagina. While a reproductive tract infection is possible, it is unlikely, so don't compromise it when the issue is fertility.

6. Stop smoking

You know the many reasons that smoking is bad for you. When you're trying to conceive, you can add three more. Smoking can damage your eggs, interfere with the fertilisation and implant process and it will age your ovaries. Stop right now!

7. Watch what you drink

Alcohol consumption harms a growing foetus, but it's also linked to a lower probability of getting pregnant because it alters oestrogen levels. You should also cut back on caffeine from coffee and soft drinks. Research shows that women who consume an average of two cups of coffee daily doubled the risk of miscarriage when compared to those who abstained. If you want to get pregnant, limit your alcohol and java intake.

8. Stress free

Depression and stress can hamper fertility because they throw off the body's hormone production. Manage your stress with support from friends or a counsellor and try relaxing with meditation or yoga.

9. Check his health

Bad habits that harm your health and fertility can also affect your husband's reproductive health. Cigarettes and stress, alcohol and a poor diet can contribute to lower sperm production. Vitamins E and C and the mineral selenium can help him produce healthy sperm.

10. The Pill

Surprisingly, the birth control pill could enhance your fertility -- it keeps endrometriosis and uterine fibroids under control. These fibroids can make pregnancy difficult or impossible to achieve. Once you go off of the pill, your cycle should return to its pre-pill pattern in a month or two and you can start trying.

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