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When you’re searching for the perfect name for your unborn little one, you tend to look everywhere for inspiration: friends and relatives, TV shows, book characters even news articles. So why not turn to the big screen for baby name ideas? From animated adventures to romantic classics, inspiration abounds.

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Girl baby names

Ariel -- This pretty, feminine name is the title character in Disney’s under-the-sea adventure, The Little Mermaid, but it first inspired mums-to-be when Ariel Moore popped up in Footloose.

Andie -- If you’re looking for an unusual baby name, you can’t go past films from the '80s -- such as Andie Walsh, the role that Molly Ringwald made famous in Pretty in Pink.

Molly -- While we’re on the subject, Molly is a gorgeous name in itself, and it recently landed on the list of the top 100 baby names in Australia!

Belle -- She possessed the power to transform a beast into a prince with her beauty and unconditional love. What’s not to love about the name Belle? Alternatively, why not use Bella from The Twilight Series?

Rose -- Making a comeback as a popular second name (hot combos include Sienna Rose, Ruby Rose, Lily Rose and Olivia Rose), this Titanic-inspired name deserves its own time in the spotlight as a first name. For an interesting variation, you could go with Rosalie, Edward’s protective sister in Twilight.

Juliet ­-- It’s a little-known fact that Natalie Portman was replaced by Claire Danes in Baz Luhrman’s film Romeo + Juliet, because Nat appeared too young for her leading man Leonardo Dicaprio on screen. Either would have made a beautiful Juliet, as could your little bun in the oven.

Boy baby names

Jack -- It topped the "best baby names in Australia" for years, before recently being toppled by the princely moniker, William. Perhaps it was Leonardo Dicaprio’s convincing performance as Jack in Titanic that brought the name back to the mainstream?

Romeo -- Still on Dicaprio’s resume, from a story of star-crossed lovers comes the unusual boys’ name Romeo. If it’s good enough for Posh and Becks, surely it’s good enough for us commoners!

Edward -- Edward leads a list of gorgeous boys names that have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, thanks to the vampire book series -- and later, hundred-million-dollar film franchise. If Eddie’s not your bag, consider Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle or Jacob.

Sebastian -- One of Ariel’s best friends, Sebastian the crab was a scene-stealer in The Little Mermaid. He was also played to expertly nasty (but ultimately redeeming!) perfection by Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions.

Eric -- Still on the theme of animated outings, you can’t go past Eric the Prince (from the The Little Mermaid) for a royally-inspired moniker.

Harry -- The title star in the Harry Potter series -- and for a blast from the past, When Harry Met Sally – Harry is making a comeback as a traditional yet sweet name for little boys across the country.

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