Look To Winter For
Baby Name Inspiration

Trying to come up a unique, interesting baby name for your little one? With the chilly months almost upon us, there’s no better time to draw inspiration from the seasons with a winter baby name!

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May and June

A great place to start is the months that lead into winter. The name May has been making a comeback in recent years, particularly its more uniquely spelt variation Mae, and June has long been used as a traditional girl’s name.


August is a slightly more unusual baby name choice, but it began popping up in playgroups and preschools more frequently after celebrity mum Mariska Hargitay gave birth to son August Miklos Friedrich Hermann in 2006. The gorgeous actress has since gone on to adopt two more children with her actor husband and occasional SVU co-star, Peter Hermann: They adopted baby girl Amaya Josephine in April 2011, and Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann a few months later in October.


Greek in origin, the Biblical baby name Crystal’s literal meaning is ice or rock. Parents can have a field day choosing their spelling with this moniker: try Christalle, Chrystal, Cristel or Krystal to name a few. Pretty variations also include Cristalyn, Christella or Krystalle.


Be inspired by the frost and mist of the cooler months with Whittaker, a strong, solid boy’s name that means “white field." A unique name choice for a little boy, Whittaker offers the option of using the name in full or going with its shorter nickname, Whit.


We don’t get too much snow down under, but that doesn’t mean we can’t let it inspire us when choosing baby names! Meaning “snow” in Italian, Neve is a beautiful, unique name that is both feminine and unusual. Despite the fact that it is the first name of Canadian Scream actress, Neve Campbell, there aren't too many Neve's around, although it's more popular in its Irish form, spelt Niamh.


Little Jack Frost may get lost in the famous fable, but you may have just found your ideal baby name! Jack has been a popular name choice in recent years -- popping up in the top 10 baby names in Australia for the last decade -- in part due to its simplicity and the traditional values it conjures.


Nicole Richie famously used Winter as a middle name for her daughter Harlow, but the name is starting to gain traction as a girl’s or boy’s name in its own right.


You could look to the colours of winter for baby name inspiration by seeking out other cultural meanings. Translated, the traditional Welsh girl’s baby name Gwen means “blessed” or “white," and it was historically always used as a nickname for Guinevere and Gwendolyn. However, this short and sweet moniker is now a household name on its own, thanks largely to popular singer and former No Doubt frontwoman, Gwen Stefani.

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