5 Tips For Finding a Coworking Space in Sydney

A coworking space can help you with everything from improving your productivity and creativity to hosting meetups and networking events. But they’re not all created equal, so it’s more important than ever to understand what spaces are right for you. To help you navigate the coworking space in Sydney, below are the top 4 tips for finding a coworking space in Sydney.

1. Know exactly what you need from a coworking space

The first step in the search is to figure out exactly what you’re looking for from a coworking space. This shouldn’t be difficult as most coworking spaces offer different services and amenities. For example, some provide coffee and snacks while others may have a kitchen.

Do you need access to printers or computers? Do you need WiFi or mobile device charging points? Do you need meeting rooms for team meetings? Take some time to think about the services that will make your life easier when looking for a coworking space in Sydney. Understanding the basics will set you in good stead for the next step.

2. Carefully assess the location of a coworking space in Sydney

Let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to spend a ton of time at your temp office. But you need to address where you’ll be spending the most time: the commute. A good coworking space in Sydney should not only be convenient from your home or place of work but also from other locations that require you to commute there regularly. This is more important than ever today given the increasing number of people using their smartphones to plan and catch public transport.

Another consideration is the size of your community. Large coworking spaces can be a lot of fun, but they require more effort than smaller communities. In addition, you may find that you need to use the space more frequently than a small space. Don’t limit yourself to a large space just because it’s closer to your place of work.

3. Sort through coworking spaces in Sydney

There’s really no way around this step, but it’s worth clarifying what you need from a coworking space before getting too deep into the search for a new one. Before you are ready to make a serious commitment, you’ll need to know exactly what you have in mind. This may come down to the size of your community or the number of people in it. A good coworking space will offer many things like desk space, meeting rooms and shared areas such as pantries and kitchens. Also, be on the lookout for more than one location if possible. For example, if you are looking for a space in Sydney where you can also meet with other professional peers, look for more than one location to be sure you have access to the virtual community.

4. Check the reviews of the coworking space

Finally, Google is an amazing thing. If you haven’t already, take some time to type the name of a coworking space in Sydney that you like into the search box. Compare their website and social media profiles to their online review pages. This is a particularly important step if you are already on the fence about working out of one or more locations for your virtual community.


So there you have it; the top 4 tips for finding a coworking space in Sydney. Remember that working remotely doesn’t necessarily require you to join a coworking space in Sydney, but it’s definitely an option if you need more than just WiFi access to get your work done.

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