Cork bags from Wattle street Australia

The wattle street range of products was developed using natural materials which is an alternative to leather which is derived from animals, often killing them cruelly. These products like bags, purses, wallet, earrings are made from cork which is derived from the bark of cork trees in Portugal. The cork is biodegradable and ecofriendly. The wattle street australia cork bags are available in a variety of designs, sizes, colors to meet the requirement of the customers. Since cork is a natural material, each of the cork bags is unique, making it a collectible.

The different designs of the bags available are saddlebags, hobo bags, cross-body bags, shoulder bags, and the customer can choose the right bag according to their requirement. The crossbody and saddlebags are smaller in size, and used for carrying fewer items while the hobo and shoulder bags are larger in size. Most of the bags have an outer compartment for keeping purses and other items. These compartments are on the front or rear, though some may be on the side. The larger bags also have a number of inner pockets, which help in keeping the various items separate. The bags have a zipper at the top for easy opening and closing.

For the cross body and some other bags, the shoulder strap is adjustable for correct fitting. The shoulder strap can be removed if required. The pattern for the bags differ, some bags have laser cut pattern, with studs. The cross-body bags are available in different designs like flower vine, hibiscus, silver flecks. Some of the bags have tassels. The hardware and fittings used are of different colors like bronze and gold. All the bags have inner lining material. Cork is a durable material, which is a soft and smooth. It does not cause allergies and is not damaged by water. It is also easy to clean the bag if dirty.

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