Luna Bronze’s self-tanners

The company Is responsible for its self-tanning product which is made vegan to pay courtesy to the cruelness that has been happening to animals. Instead of the normal chemical components that make up self-tanners with regular ingredients, Luna Bronze uses naturally originated ingredients to create their self-tanner. On the homepage of the website, you can expect to see best seller products such as the “good night face bronzing serum”, and the “illume face tanning mist” which is available for purchase for under $50. As a moisturizing self-tanner, Luna Bronze comes with many natural oil ingredients. These ingredients include aloe vera mixed with rosehip oil as well as jojoba oil. These components mixed give Luna Bronze’s self-tanner skin-nourishing effects that make the body feel better than it used to. With an ample amount of original natural tanning agents, approved by the DHA, many of Luna Bronze’s self-tanners are made to add dye to the skin temporarily. Many consumers of the skin tanner have left reviews stating how brilliant they feel about branding for the Luna Bronze company. Shopping on is very safe and consistent. The journal section gives how-to tips, interviews, safety precautions for being in the sun, and product details.

When you purchase items online using the webpage URL, you get access to bronzing products, accessories, and tanning preparations. Free shipping is offered on orders that are $65 and up and you can also receive 10% off your first order when you joining the mailing list located at the foot of the page. Along with the contact us tab and the FAQ tab, is set up very appropriately for the attraction of consumers. Made in Australia, the website still allows International transactions to transpire which helps their brand grow at a very fast pace. Currencies are excepted in USD, CAD and transactions can also occur in New Zealand.

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