The Most Wealthy Australian Business Women

1. Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart is the wealthiest business woman in Australia according to the latest statistics. She is worth $10.41 billion which is far ahead of the second rated business woman. She has invested in different sectors but her main source of wealth is her agriculture investment company. She is also well known because of her glamorous life. She lives in Sydney and her fortune is expected to grow even further as her businesses expand.

2. Bianca Rinehart

Bianca is Gina’s sister and she is estimated to be worth $2.74 billion. She also has interest in different business sectors both in Australia and other parts of the world with her main source of wealth being in mining. Just like her sister, she inherited a significant percentage of her wealth from her father but she has also worked hard to increase her inheritance.

3 Vicky Teoh

Vicky is third in the list of the most wealthy Australian business women. She has a net worth of about $ 1 billion and she has gained most of her wealth through business. She migrated from Malaysia together with her husband where they founded the company known as TPG Telcom. Besides the family percentage, she owns a huge percentage of the company’s shares in her own right.

4. Sarina Russo

Sarina is also in this particular list where she has a net worth of about $405 million. She has interests in the employment and training sector. She has also invested in the property sector where she has built a lot of houses in Australia. She is based in Brisbane but she has interest in different parts of Australia.

5. Lesley Gillespie

Lesley is the joint chief executive of the company known as Lesley Gillespie. She has a net worth of about $215 million and she started her company together with her husband. She is mostly interested in the hotel industry where together with her husband they have about 700 stores in Australia, Canada and New Zealand in form of franchise model. She has also opened a number of stores in other countries such as the USA.

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