What are Iyengar yoga poses

The image of yoga has changed in recent years. If once the first image that came to mind was a group in white robes, despite the fact that they were sitting on their heads and breathing heavily, now you are probably thinking about clearly defined hands of the Madonna. Today, yoga is one of the most popular fitness classes in the world. One of its advantages is that it can be performed by older people and can improve the overall physical condition of athletes. Iyengar Yoga is One of the Best Styles but what are iyengar yoga poses

Iyengar Yoga poses are positures that focuses on the physical position of the body and the exact exercises in each position. Some Iyengar yoga is practiced using props, such as blocks and belts, to help participants achieve the most accurate body position and protect their body from injury. Since flows between positions are not practiced, Iyengar yoga lessons are less intense and therefore more suitable for less suitable people. Iyengar Yoga increases the stamina and flexibility of the body and is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Since Iyengar teaches you how to properly position your body and emphasizes the importance of using props to achieve this goal, this is the best option for beginners. Most people find it difficult to find the right positions at first, so when some details are available to support them, it becomes easier. The most widely used tools for Iyengar production include:blocks and benches

Each of the above is used in various Iyengar poses. With regular practice, it helps to absorb and integrate the body with emotions. The participation of trainers is also a key feature of Iyengar. Unlike other forms, these instructors are very involved in their students and offer very clear instructions for aligning and moving the body. They also pay special attention to all participants in the session to help them improve their situation. Iyengar instructors must be certified to teach others the special techniques used to make the right fit.

Most yoga practitioners choose Iyengar for therapeutic reasons. Thanks to the emphasis on proper alignment, it treats various body pains and improves body posture. Most of the back pain is associated with poor posture, so a lot of people use Iyengar because instructors apply simple alignment to all parts of the body during the sessions. Iyengar Yoga offers stress relief and other health benefits.

Iyengar emphasizes standing position because it is believed that he builds strong muscles of the legs, which, in turn, improve balance and coordination because they are extremely important for advanced yoga. Although different types of procedures have different goals, the main goal is to relax your mind and body so that you can meditate. Iyengar also adheres to this basic mantra and gives life to everyone, emphasizing the correct position and position of the body. This leads the practitioner to attain perfection in every asana. Therefore, Iyengar is addressed to all those who want to achieve the perfection of mind and body.

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