What is a Property Inspection?

What is a property inspection?A property inspection is a careful, visual and non invasive assessment of a building by a qualified professional (property inspector). A property inspector is trained and has experience in evaluating a building and its components. If you are looking for a reliable building inspector, we recommend Precise Investigations in Adelaide.

An inspection provides a potential buyer with all the information they need about a potential purchase. With that information, one is able to make an informed decision regarding the property in question. For instance, the inspection report highlights major issues (if any), of the property. As a result, a potential buyer will have a clear knowledge of what needs maintenance, both in the short and long run.
It’s important to note that parts of the building are neither dismantled nor tampered with since inspection is visual and non invasive.In the event a property inspector tampers with or causes damage to the property, he or she is liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged content.
Reputable inspectors have insurance covers that cover accidental damage. It’s well within the rights of potential buyers to request for proof of insurance prior to commencement of inspection.
A typical property inspection of consists of Visual Inspection and Inspection Report. Visual Inspection is the first step in property inspection.A potential buyer meets his/her inspector so as to take part in evaluating the property. Most clients enjoy inspection since they get a chance to take part in assessing unfamiliar property. However, it is non-mandatory for a client to participate in the inspection process.

An Inspection Report is submitted to the client after assessing the property.Most inspectors avail it within 48 hours of completion of the inspection.The report is specific to the property inspected and is not a simple checklist clients could fill on their own. Inspectors also avail themselves to clarify issues or answer questions that may arise from the report.

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