Who Is The Best Energy Company in Australia?

Choosing an energy company in Australia isn’t a simple decision. Should you go with the big name that you recognise, or a lesser-known brand that’s advertising a wonderful price? The solution is catchy, and it is dependent on a variety of factors.

We have pulled together a list of the best energy companies in Australia for 2019. These retailers were selected based on the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Customer Service Reputation
  • Reliability
  • Business Size
  • Reach of Services

Energy firms in Australia are always offering new discounts and deals, so it is worth comparing plans periodically to see whether there’s possible to save by switching. Here are the top ten electricity companies in Australia for 2019:

Powershop has been named one of Australia’s greenest energy retailers, though like Diamond Energy it only provides power. It’s completely online and can be handled through an app which enables you to pay for your power by buying Powerpacks, which can help you save money.

EnergyAustralia makes the grade since it’s among the largest energy retailers in Australia, serving more than 1.7 million customers. It’s a high customer service evaluation, with 93 percent of its calls answered in 30 minutes or less. EnergyAustralia lets clients earn Velocity Points, and they provide both gas and electricity.

Origin Energy serves 4.2 million power customers, which makes it the largest energy company in Australia. While its customer service needs work, the Australian Energy Regulator reported that it showed the most improvement, decreasing its average call time with a whopping 73 minutes. Origin provides both gas and electricity.

Click Energy

Like Powershop, Click Energy is 100% online. With no overheads, it may offer lower prices to its clients. Click offers pay punctually discounts on both use and provide charges, but it just provides electricity services. With 160,000 customers, it’s among those smaller companies on the list, but it has a fantastic reputation for customer service.

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